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EngineStands24 - engine stand lease and sales e-platform providing an easy and fast solution for Airlines, MROs and other engine asset owners.

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About EngineStands24

EngineStands24 was founded by Magnetic MRO in 2016 as a global digitalized one-stop solution, providing 24/7 worldwide solutions for transportation and storage of aerospace engine stands. EngineStands24.com is the very first e-platform in aviation market for leasing/purchasing and transporting aircraft engine stands, aiming to provide an easy and fast solution for Airlines, MRO’s, engine shops, leasing companies as well as freight forwarders.

What we offer

It offers a variety of certified engine stands for the most common engine types along with the possibility of long term lease or outright purchase via just-one-click. Smooth transaction and live tracking systems are provided for ultimate convenience to our customers. 24/7 worldwide accessibility to all products and customer support is widely endorsed, as well as our well-coordinated and fast responses to AOG situations. EngineStands24 project also provides maintenance and consulting services for aviation asset management; and offers Exclusive Service Level Agreement for airlines and asset owners.
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Magnetic Group main mission is to help aviation companies to help the world. We believe that Magnetic Group’s companies play an essential role in enabling aviation companies to better people’s lives worldwide. By ensuring their aircraft are fit to fly and back in the air as soon as possible, we make sure businesses can operate, lovers can reunite, and medication can be delivered where it is the most needed.
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Magnetic Group operates in the aviation business and is the master brand that a host of sub-brands all live. Our business is divided into four distinctive sectors:

MAGNETIC CREATIVE provides design and manufacturing (Magnetic Design and Magnetic Manufacturing) services, both aircraft interior and exterior parts, from Touchless lavatory solution to wheels and engine covers.

MAGNETIC ASSETS provides aircraft, engines and landing gears leasing by Magnetic Leasing, engine transportation stands sales and rental platform by Enginestands24 which provides an easy and fast solution for Airlines, MROs and other engine asset owners to book or reserve engine stand online in just a few clicks. Magnetic Trading supports its customers in more than 80 countries worldwide with comprehensive spare parts and components solutions.

MAGNETIC MAINTENANCE is our oldest and well-established reputation sector provides aircraft line maintenance (Direct Maintenance), base maintenance under Magnetic MRO which is digitalized MRO services and a proven track record as a one-stop total technical care organization for airlines, asset owners, OEMs and operators. Magnetic Engines focuses on aircraft engine maintenance – repair and management.

MAGNETIC TALENTS sector offers a full range of engineering and CAMO services by Magnetic Engineering and various industry-related training under EASA Part-147 certified Magnetic Training.

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