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Engine support equipment: multi-purpose engine cradle FB70077-100

EngineStands24 stocks a variety of jet engine support equipment such as engine run stand and engine support cradle.

Engine Run Stand usually is used for engine testing features such as: oil leaks detection and repair, coolant leaks detection and repair, noises detection and repair, major part defects detection, camshaft break-in, leak detection, oil pressure checks, performance and race engine adjustments, heat cycle rebuilt engines and other. Engine Run Stand is constructed from high quality steel. 

The Engine Support Cradle FB70077-100 complies with SAE ARP1840 and ISO 11241 General Standards for Aircraft Engine Transportation Devices, and the relevant Health & Safety requirements of the machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

The engine cradle is mountable/dismountable from a transporter stand and normally secured during transport at four positions on the transporter stand by means of locking pins. The aircraft engine on the cradle can be protected from damage by means of an optional bumper bar assembly at each end of the transportation stand.

The transporter stand is supplied with castor wheels as standard. A transporter stand with ‘Ackerman’ type steering system is available as an alternative to the castor wheels. The Engine Support Cradle. FB70077-100.ISSUE B comprises three attachment points used to support the engine on the cradle, two at the front, H3 and H4, and one at the rear, H8. H3 and H4 locations are at the same working level, and H8 connection is 435mm below this level.

The cradle is provided with fork truck lifting facilities from either side, which can only be used when the cradle is separated from the transporter, and not when the cradle and engine are secured on the mobile transporter stand.

The jet engine cradle possesses 2 detachable fwd bootstrapping and lifting interface brackets FB70077-I-108 Rev A. These lifting positions are used for raising and lowering the aircraft engine and cradle on and off the transporter stand, and for engine changes on the wing. They each have a swl of 4000 lbs. In addition, eight air tie down eyes are provided on the front fork channel and on the rear end and each side member for securing purposes during air transportation.

The vertical aft engine support can be folded down and stowed horizontally on the engine cradle when there is no engine in position. This is achieved with the engine attachment pin assy fixed via a bracket on the rear fork channel. A pair of struts acts as steadying members for the main uprights containing the H3 and H4 engine supports. These are both removable, but must be installed during transportation and shipping.

The struts ensure a rigid assembly when the cradle is loaded with an engine. The positions of H3 and H4 are both 1454.15 mm above the bottom of the engine cradle frame. These struts are only removed when loading an engine onto the cradle from the aircraft wing. Each strut is attached to the cradle by means locking pins and must be replaced once the engine is in place.

The Engine Support Cradle FB70077-100 weight alone is approx. 930kgs (2040 lbs).

Both trunnion mountings which support the engine at positions H3 and H4, are located in trunnion clamp assemblies which in turn, are fastened via a pivoted ‘pinned’ plate to the cradle side support arms. Two swing bolts and collar nuts hold each clamp in position, which is also pivoted, and opens up to 180o. A secondary trunnion bracket position is provided for ‘stowage’ during engine change; (i.e. Lowering the engine to the support cradle, the trunnions are less likely to cause engine damage on lowering.) With trunnions installed the clamp swing bolt collar nuts are each torque tightened to 50 ft/lbs.

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