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Cfm engines. Aircraft maintenance: servicing, safety and prevention

The greasing of the castors assemblies FB70-030-1need regular attention to ensure free rotation and movement. Each castor has a single grease nipple which should be inspected and greased every six months.

All locking pins should be regularly inspected for wear or jamming and replaced if necessary. Shock absorber pads should receive a visual examination every twelve months or more frequently if the rail stand has been regularly subjected to heavy traffic movement. The shock mounts have a life of 5 – 10 years. They must be replaced when older than 10 years, the rubber mount is deteriorated, rubber is disbonded from the steel mounting plate or the mount does not return to its original shape when the load is removed.

During aircraft maintenance or any examination of the cradle and transporter should ensure that the turning handles are in the stowed position, and that a full complement of locking pins exists for securing any shortfall should be replaced.

Ackerman type steering arrangement

During the aircraft maintenance attention should be paid to all steering swivel points, and these should be inspected and greased every six months. There is need to check all wheel retention nuts and spring washers, Det. 104 & 105 (qty 5 each per wheel) and torque tighten to 150 Newton Metres (110 ft/lbs). Also there is need to check all cylinders for oil leaks and both hydraulic pumps as necessary.

It is important to note that whenever refilling the oil in the hydraulic raising and lowering system it is important to observe the following procedure.

To avoid overfilling the hydraulic system and causing pressure build-up in the pump reservoirs the stand must always be set at its lowest position with the base of the stand directly on the ground. We also recommend never refill the system when the stand is in the mid or high position.

Hydraulic system oil filling procedure has to be made following these instructions:

  1. With base positioned on the floor remove the pump securing screws and position the pumps so that the pump bodys’ are vertical.
  2. Remove the filler cap/dip stick assemblies, check the oil level and fill reservoirs to dipstick level if required.
  3. Replace the filler caps and return the pumps to their original position.
  4. Operate the pumps to raise the base to the mid position and then lower to the ground.
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 3 and then ensure the pumps are properly secured in their original position.

Safety and prevention

Most accidents are the result of disregarding standard safety rules in operation or improper servicing and aircraft maintenance of equipment. This equipment is designed to safely transport aircraft engines when used correctly. It is not fool proof, and it is the operator’s responsibility to operate the equipment correctly and in a safe manner.

The operator is responsible for reporting any deficiencies, unusual noises, or incorrect operating conditions to supervisory personnel. It is also the responsibility of the user of this equipment to discontinue use until they are assured that the problem has been corrected.

Correct use and a good preventative maintenance program, including periodic lubricating, adjustment, and immediate correction of defects revealed through regular inspections, will not only contribute to safe operation, but will also extend the useful service life of this equipment.

Failure to observe regular inspections, routine aircraft maintenance or improper operation of the equipment will automatically void any warranty.

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