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Cancellation and Returns

Should the User wish to cancel or return any product or service without any cause, including due to its incompliance of his/her requirements, Magnetic MRO, after receiving the User’s signed and filled Return Materials Authorization, will issue the User only with an 85% refund (due to applicable 15% restocking fee) within 30 calendar days and the User will need to return the product at his/her own cost (if the User has already received the product). Where the User has paid any duties or taxes directly to the relevant authorities on the importation of the product he/she wishes to return, Magnetic MRO shall have no liability in relation to any claim for a refund of such duties or taxes from the authorities or whether or not such a refund is possible.
Should the User wish to submit a warranty claim, he/she must to submit it via e-mail info@enginestands24.com. Magnetic MRO shall then provide further instructions.

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