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Aircraft maintenance: engine support cradle FB70010-1V250

Aircraft maintenance involves overhaul, repair, inspection/modification of an aircraft. The Engine Support Cradle being a part of aircraft maintenance can ensure safety and engine support.

The weight of the engine cradle alone is approx. 1000kgs. The engine cradle is attached to the transporter frame via four support/locking positions situated on the underside of each longitudinal box section. These are coincident with four brackets on the transporter frame (which are attached to the transporter frame via shock absorbers) to reduce engine vibration.

The ‘C’ frame engine support structure maximises engine accessibility, and is fabricated in the form of a semi-curved section for maximum strength. The rear horizontal cross beam is also a counter balance weight to ensure correct balance of the engine and cradle during lifting and engine change operations.

There are Qty 4 integral vertical stabilizing jacks situated at the four corners of the cradle frame, which when locked in the raised position enable the cradle to be used as a stand alone work stand, and also for removal from the transporter stand by a fork truck.

In order to ensure proper aircraft maintenance it is important know how to remove the cradle from the transportation base with a fork truck. You have to follow these instructions:

  • Lift the cradle and transportation stand 400mm using the transportation stand fork channels.

Remove jack lock pins.

  • Lower the jack feet and insert locking pins into the lower lock pin installation holes.
  • Remove the (4) pins locking the cradle to the transportation stand.
  • Lower the cradle and transportation stand to the ground, the cradle will now stand clear of the transportation stand.
  • Make sure that the cradle fork channels are clear of any part of the transportation stand, if necessary by lowering the stand to its lowest position.
  • The fork truck can now lift the cradle using the cradles integral fork channels, clear of the transportation stand.

For installation of the cradle into the transportation stand with a fork truck, follow these instructions in reverse order.

All locking pins should be regularly inspected for wear or jamming and replaced if necessary. Any examination of the cradle should ensure that a full complement of locking pins, swing bolts, nuts and trunnions exist for securing. Any shortfall should be replaced, grease the trunnion swivel clamps regularly at the grease nipples. Protect the trunnions and engine mount adaptors from possible corrosion whenever the cradle is stored outside.

Safety and prevention of accidents

Most accidents are the result of disregarding standard safety rules in operation or improper servicing and aircraft maintenance and use of equipment. This equipment is designed to safely transport aircraft engines when used correctly. It is not fool proof, and it is the operator’s responsibility to operate the equipment correctly and in a safe manner.

The operator is responsible for reporting any deficiencies, unusual noises, or incorrect operating conditions to supervisory personnel. It is also the responsibility of the user of this equipment to discontinue use until they are assured that the problem has been corrected.

Correct use and a good preventative aircraft maintenance program, including periodic lubricating, adjustment, and immediate correction of defects revealed through regular inspections, will not only contribute to safe operation, but will also extend the useful service life of this equipment.

It is important to note that failure to observe regular inspections, routine aircraft maintenance or improper operation of the equipment will automatically void any warranty.

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